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Episode 12 – Canon

Feb 13, 2022 | Season 1

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The Cat gets shonky in this bumper episode with a right-royal guest: the monstrously majestic Garth Nix, New York Times bestselling author of the Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom series, and The Left-Handed Booksellers of London. While Aaron risks drowning to save his favourite books, Joseph fixates on random blinking lights, and Kaaron collects children’s teeth in a jar – other people’s children. Garth coins the ‘flop’ of a book and finds a tooth in his caramel. The joys of walking are discussed – with or without others – and the enjoyment of books as things of beauty (with or without ‘that’ smell). Also, the shift in reality as day turns to night, the change in a landscape as seasons revolve, and the shift in meaning as objects change hands over generations. More about teeth. Aaron makes a(nother) confession and Joseph breaks a promise to his 7yo. Garth lets the dog in.

Some oddments from the basement of this episode include:

  • Stephen King’s Secret Window, Secret Garden
  • Ellen Datlow’s Fearful Symmetries (which features Garth’s story Shay Corsham Worsted)
  • A book about a benevolent Chinese sorcerer (which Garth may one day remember the title of)
  • X-Files episode The Căluşari and its subsequent novelisation
  • Rosemary Sutcliff’s Eagle of the Ninth

[And a quick note for all you scrupulous listeners… the other guest with the sliced-head figurine was, of course, Brian Evenson.]

Figurine of Canon Perry (or the benevolent Chinese sorcerer)
Garth and his dog