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Episode 25 – AsylumFest

Jan 6, 2023 | Season 2

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The Cat gets unhinged at the second live recording from AsylumFest 2022, with special guests AJ Spedding, Kat Clay, and David Schembri. While Kaaron finds a book from the world’s most haunted school, Aaron is haunted by a supernatural cow, and Joseph by the ghosts in crap plastic toys. (Yeah, thanks for nothing, Uncle Marty!) AJ brings a voodoo doll and makes a Black Beauty confession. Kat develops the killing name and mummifies a cucumber. David brings his toys and reminds everyone to play. Ennui is discussed. Also balloons, having fun with your art, and using imaginative play to take control of those situations in which you have none. Everyone crosses a line and sends Aaron back to his “other planet”.

Odds and bodkins discussed in this episode include:

  • Dale Bamford, sculptor and special effects artist.
  • Frances Jenkins Alcott’s The Book of Nature’s Marvels
  • Robert Bloch’s The Pin
  • Spaceballs

These pics and more courtesy of the inestimable Cat Sparks.

AJ Spedding hugs her voodoo doll
AJ Spedding's voodoo doll
Kat Clay and her first book
Extracts from Kat Clay's first book
The cow ghost (or caw gost) from Kat Clay's first book
David Schembri and his toys
David Schembri's toys