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Episode 37 – Paper

May 31, 2024 | Season 3

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The Cat gets fibrous and transformative over afternoon tea with artist, paper maker and raconteur extraordinaire, the delightful Katharine Nix. While Joseph has an esoteric moment after two cups of tea and Kaaron rejects the popularly held contrivances of narrative convention, Aaron drops the bolognese and lets in the brown-snakes. Ancient alchemical processes are discussed, as are parallel evolution, the creative will, and carnivorous kelp. The urge to ask the big questions. Our quest for answers, forever on the border of a great mystery. The creative similarities between artists and scientists. The beauty of plant fibre paper making. The creative act as the thing in itself. Everyone listens as the rats in the cellar devour Katharine’s Moomins. Aaron flips the table.

Dingbats and wingdings impressed into this episode include:

  • Arthur Koestler’s The Act of Creation and The Sleepwalkers
  • Dancer and choreographer Meryl Tankard
  • Mark Rowlands’ The Philosopher and the Wolf
Katharine's first book
Inside the book
Drawings of a dog
A beautiful book cover
The weighing of the dog's soul
Another beautiful book cover