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Episode 5 – Lei

Oct 17, 2021 | Season 1

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In which we welcome the sensational Melinda Smith to our most sensuous, saucy and salacious episode to date! Joseph shares his toilet books and Kaaron shrieks in a bar, while Aaron flogs the pants he’s wearing for a mere 50c. Everyone holds sexists to account for their misogyny, and rails against knee-jerk retribution in fiction. Melinda’s lei triggers discussion of curses, spurning and Sharon’s shit honeymoon to Bali. We learn about the ways in which the pandemic has affected our ideas of intimacy, and of the horrors and enlightenment on Ashley Madison. Everyone has a sneaky peek inside P.R. Ploppit’s secret commercial fiction sexy-times novel.

Some other odds and ends from this episode include:

Melinda Smith and lei
Joseph's favourite toilet book
Kaaron Warren: "The Singing Beetroot"