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Episode 8 – Clock

Dec 2, 2021 | Season 1

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Welcome, welcome! Step right up! Come feast your ears on the most delectable, the most memorious, the most professional podcast we’ve aired to date. In this show we hang with the luminous JS Breukelaar, author of The Bridge, Collision, and American Monster, and mull on lost and forgotten things. Kaaron is transported by a smell, Aaron behaves inappropriately with a latex mask, and Masonic bling makes Joseph look like a wanker. Jenny is trolled at Christmas and tells tale of the ring held together by a thousand pot roasts. Divers topics are considered: the writer’s relationship with time; converting grief into art; the infinitude of lizards. Aaron brings a bonus mystery.

Kaaron couldn’t find a reference to the ancient lizard (in support of Joseph’s “Because it’s utter bollocks” theory). But she did find this story about another really old lizard – Ol’ Rip The Horned Toad. What do you reckon?

JS Breukalaar's clock collection and pictorial evidence of the book gremlins
The Wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch, open with a Garfield bookmark
A plastic shopping bag held down with bricks, with a message written on it with a Sharpie