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Episode 9 – Bust

Dec 14, 2021 | Season 1

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In which the cats go deep and get Pavlovian with the singular and extraordinary Brian Evenson, author of The Glassy, Burning Floor Of Hell and Song For The Unravelling Of The World. Kaaron is transported by a box of treasures, Aaron gets lost in Seattle, and Joseph invents the bogus concept of ‘Projectionism.’ Brian escorts visitors to the grave of H.P. Lovecraft and shows off his Edgar Allen Poe bobblehead. We learn about the power of getting lost, mull on the joys of misperception, and share real experiences with things that definitely are not there. We explore the transformative potential of the ‘strange moment,’ the lifting of dudgeons with a dollar bill, and the invocation of doing ‘the thing’ – whatever it may be. The joy and theatre of cinema is considered. Also, the toxically bleak philosophies of Thomas Ligotti. Through the distorted lens of a Skype call, everyone wonders whether Brian is, in fact, a psychopath.

DISCLAIMER: Let The Cat In does not endorse going out and getting deathly sick for the purposes of inspiration. So don’t do it: wear a fkn mask ppl!

Some of the bitsies riffed on in this show include:

  • Brian’s flash fiction masterpiece, No Matter Which Way We Turned, which you can read for free at
  • The brilliant travelogue of Zodiac Mindwarp’s Mark Manning and the KLF’s Bill Drummond taking a cardboard cutout of Elvis to the North Pole is called Bad Wisdom – and is recommended reading for every triplord who wanted to change the world by doing something pointless and fantastic.
  • Ligotti’s book of soul-crushing philosophy (among other things) is The Conspiracy Against The Human Race. Strictly not to be read in a state of delusional influenza.
  • The creator of the Brian Evenson figure and busts is age designer and illustrator Yves Tourigny.
  • Asylum, is the Robert Bloch anthology horror movie.
  • Come To Daddy sounds freakin’ awesome – immediately add to your TBW pile!
A bust of Brian Evenson
A disturbingly incomplete bust of Brian Evenson
Brian Evenson action figure
Brian's Edgar Allen Poe bobblehead
A tin lunchbox with a photomontage of some weird tripod-like alien things
An origami crane folded from a US one-dollar bill