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Episode 11 – Fun

Jan 29, 2022 | Season 1

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The cat gets sartorial in our latest episode, starring this week’s special guest, the unputdownable Kathe Koja, author of The Cipher and the Shirley Jackson Award-winning Velocities. While Kaaron pines for clothes she’s given away, Joseph has a clothing crisis, and Aaron makes a startling confession. Kathe brings the FUN – literally – and outlines the basis of her religion. We learn about clothes as a shortcut to character, clothes as armour, and ghosts in the clothes we don’t wear but can’t give away. Masks are considered—as expression and erasure—as is the malleability of reality. Kathe shares insights into her new immersive project Dark Factory. Kaaron acts out as the British High Commissioner’s wife. Joseph relives fancy dress party dread. Aaron finds fifty bucks. FUN (per Kathe’s definition) is had by all.

Note: The infamous Sheffield cross-dressing party night that Joseph struggles to remember was ‘Pyjama Jump’.

Some of the odds and bodkins discussed in this episode include:

  • Cornell Woolrich in I’m Dangerous Tonight (directed by Tobe Hooper)
  • Peter Strickland’s movie In Fabric
  • Lee Alexander McQueen’s Inferno (pictured)
  • Immersive theatre company Punchdrunk
  • Barry Unsworth’s Morality Play (pictured)

Photo credit: Rick Lieder

Kaaron Warren acts out as the British High Commissioner's wife
Lee Alexander McQueen's Inferno book cover
Barry Unsworth's Morality Play book cover