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Episode 13 – Herman

Mar 1, 2022 | Season 1

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The Cat gets technical as unparalleled horror editor Ellen Datlow joins the show from NYC, bringing behind-the-scenes insights into the conceptualising, compiling, editing and introduction of her (then) latest anthology, Screams From The Dark. While Joseph gets lost in a Borgesian labyrinth of shoes, Kaaron discovers the smells of the past, and Aaron takes a drubbing for his failure to correctly identify an alpaca. Ellen endorses cannibalism (of one’s own stories) and shares anecdotes from her time in Tehachapi Prison. The heart of a story is discussed, as are stories that never quite translate to the page. Also sparks, themes, and those horrible fuck ups, the Greek gods. While the viability of various shoes (and their stories) is considered, Jack the Jerk lurks on the couch.

Some of the oddments discussed in this week’s show include:

  • Kaaron’s story The Smell of Waiting, from Screams From The Dark.
  • The artist of V for Vendetta is of course David Lloyd. The Alan Moore essay at the end of is called Behind the painted smile, dodgy copies of which do float around the Internet (but won’t be linked to here).
  • The novella Joseph is vaguely alluding to is called The Measure of Sorrow, and will be published in 2023 in the collection of the same name.
  • Aaron’s forthcoming collection is called Cut To Care and the novella is Dirty Heads.
  • When Kaaron and Ellen say they’ve “done tools,” they’re referring to their collaborative project, Tool Tales.
  • Steve Martin’s Cruel Shoes.
Richard C Herman jack in the box
Ellen showing the Herman sculpture from the side.