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Episode 16 – Dolls

May 7, 2022 | Season 1

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Join the Cat and crew for an epic wrap-up, recap, clip-show avoidance season finale, with special guest star… drum roll… our very own Aaron Dries. In this, our last episode of Season 1, Aaron has celebrity thrust upon him, Kaaron steals the celery (maybe), and Joseph sleeps in a hammock made from Aaron’s toenails. Milk is discussed (whether on toast, or in a tall glass), as is creative obsession, JG Ballard and the Brady Bunch. Also obsession as a fugue state, the telling and retelling of family stories, and we’re defined by family and the communities we’re part of. Did we mention the Brady Bunch? Everyone indulges a burst of shameless self-promotion. Aaron Van Gogh’s himself for your listening pleasure.

Oddments and bookends discussed in this episode include:

Aaron's nan and friends prepare for tennis
Aaron's nan with one of her dolls
Some of Aaron's nan's dolls
Dolls, dolls, DOLLS!!!