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Episode 21 – Conflux

Nov 21, 2022 | Season 2

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The Cat goes on stage for our very first live show at this year’s NatCon: Conflux 16. Special guests – drawn from the Hat of Mystery (a hotel conference glass with some hastily scribbled names folded up inside) – include CH Pearce, Emilie Morscheck, Claire Fitzpatrick, and Zachary Ashford. While Kaaron brings old movie posters for the edification of all and Joseph performs a viking funeral for his pet mouse, Aaron reveals his fetish for albino carrots. Repurposed objects are discussed. Also Fijian taxi drivers, childhood holiday treasures, family mysteries, the voices of loved ones past, and the most appropriate names for a ferret. Emergency surgery is performed in the garage. Everyone has their picture taken.

Panel photos by Cat Sparks. Audience photo by Ramona Ashford.

J. Ashley-Smith listening
Kaaron Warren waxing lyrical
Aaron Dries listening too
Kaaron talks and Joseph listens, while Aaron hugs Kaaron's handbag like a pillow
Celia's rat sculpture
Celia holds her rat sculpture
Emilie holds her note
Emilie's locket, with photo on the right and petal on the left
Zach's rabbit foot
Zach holds up his rabbit foot