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Episode 22 – Bride

Dec 5, 2022 | Season 2

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The Cat makes like The Wicker Man and gets ritualistic with special guest Kirstyn McDermott, award-winning author of Hard Places and the Never Afters novella series. While Kaaron builds a backyard pool and Aaron gets his steps in, Joseph ruins summertime Christmas for everyone. Kirstyn learns the steps to Venus and shares a brief history of statuary in Ballarat. Folk horror is discussed, also Whitby, habits, and ultimate reality. Kaaron makes a Tina Turner joke. Everyone gets fed up with bestiality.

Some of the sundries referenced in this episode include:

  • Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine
  • Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery
  • Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman
The marble bust of a veiled bride against a black background