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Episode 23 – Asylum

Dec 15, 2022 | Season 2

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The Cat goes on a road trip and sets a record with special guest, author, publisher, and haunted asylum owner, Geoff Brown. While Aaron makes like Ellen DeGeneres, and Joseph makes like Dr Phil, Kaaron makes like Ricki Lake and goes hitchhiking on a serial killer’s patch. Geoff walks through a wardrobe into his own private Narnia. Dreams are (cheaply) analysed, impostor syndrome is discussed, as is luck, ghosts, and the decisions that haunt us. Geoff tells a real-life ghost story. Kaaron wears oversized pajamas. No one wants to go to Aaron’s for Christmas.

This episode was recorded live at AsylumFest 2022, in the Bijou Theatre, Beechworth Asylum. These pics and more courtesy of the inestimable Cat Sparks.

Some of the ghouls and gimlets from this episode include:

On stage at the Bijou Theatre, J.Ashley-Smith, Kaaron Warren, Aaron Dries and Geoff Brown
J. Ashley-Smith on stage at the Bijou Theatre
Kaaron Warren on stage at the Bijou Theatre
Aaron Dries on stage at the Bijou Theatre
Geoff Brown on stage at the Bijou Theatre