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Episode 24 – Nog

Dec 21, 2022 | Season 2

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The Cat gets festive with an off-the-rails Season’s Greetings special, with laconic superstar guest, Kaaron’s Christmas tree! While Kaaron gives everyone presents from her personal Ground Zero of weird objects, Aaron slouches toward Bethlehem and Joseph wemembers Gweat Bwitain and the Xmases of yore. Pizza trees are discussed, also cursed paintings, holly, ivy, prawns and suncream. Lobster shells are deftly utilised as a metaphor for the stages in a life. Honour is restored in the Hunter S. Thompson universe. Kaaron exposes her most extraordinary fetish. Aaron longs for anarchy. Joseph is so horrified he loses the power of speech. Everyone wishes everyone a Merry Whatever and a Happy New Thing!

Some of the baubles and other cheap decorations mentioned in this episode include:

Aaron Dries cuddles a pillow
The king of clubs tangled with whipper-snipper wire
The hell boy – and his dog
Aaron Dries and the boy from Hell
Two pickled herrings on a tea towel
Tea towel detail – odd fish
An etching of a boar's head carried by a monk – that is NOT Serenity
Kaaron holds up her big book of letterheads
A newspaper clipping of men's clothes from the 1970s
An article about exorcism
Kaaron, Aaron and Joseph recreate the angry women and smug cat meme