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Episode 27 – Mirror 2

Mar 18, 2023 | Season 2

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The Cat wrestles with long projects and what it means to be an artist with special guest, award-winning author, photographer, graphic designer and activist, Cat Sparks. While Joseph lets a novel die (again) and Aaron lets the wrong one in, Kaaron makes like Tweetie-Pie (or maybe some kind of crab). Cat takes a journey back to a time before helicopter parenting. Motivation is discussed, as is authenticity, identity and the art life. Also, Billy Joel’s Vienna. Recapturing the vibe of a work through music. Following the muse wherever it drags you. Also Frankenstein, Pet Sematary and the “Hemingway boner.” Everyone exposes their structural underwear. Cat whips out her climate trumpet.
Cobra polish mirror reflections
Cat and her family with Mrs Riddington
Kat Clay and her first book
Joseph mocks Kaaron's Tweetie-Pie
Aaron hugging a cushion