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Episode 28 – Bowl

Apr 12, 2023 | Season 2

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The Cat gets definitively morbid with special guest, multi-award-winning author and editor, the ever-unquiet Lee Murray. While Aaron obsesses over Elmore Leonard’s first hundred pages and Joseph deconstructs the double-helical structure of DNA, Kaaron finds some postcards and investigates a death by shark. Lee loses her box of things and opens the door to an interactive mystery. Defining moments are discussed, as are agency, mythology, and the internal and external factors that determine whether a story or its characters resonate. Also death, funerals, and relationships defined by tragedy. Kaaron digs deep to find the point of interest. Lee tells her own story in her own voice. Aaron thinks about Olivia Newton-John and OnlyFans a lollipop.

A few of the long polynucleotide chains untangled in this episode include:

  • An article on the story of Rosalind Franklin.
  • An article about the plagiarising of Zelda Fitzgerald.
  • Jaws: The Revenge, both the movie and the novelization.
  • Literally any book by Elmore Leonard.
A three-quarter view of Lee Murray's mystery dipping bowl
The underside of Lee Murray's mystery dipping bowl
Postcard with washed out photo of train station
Handwritten text on the back of a postcard
Aaron holds up information about a murder before the grave of a murder victim
Close up of a gravestone