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Episode 30 – Memento

Jun 13, 2023 | Season 2

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The Cat gets chimerical and discourses upon dreams with special guest Paul Mannering, award-winning author of the Drakeforth and Tankbread series, among many other fine stories. While Kaaron revisits some old dreams and Joseph gets obsessive, Aaron is scuttled sudsily by Shrek in his first Turkish bath. Paul puts his hand up for the teacher. Dreams are discussed, as is David Lynch, and that movie from the nineties where Steve Buscemi calls for more dwarves (only he doesn’t – about which, more below). The potency of first images. Capturing the weirdness and emotional weight of those images, while ensuring they make sense in this world. “It’s wearing your face!” Joseph, Kaaron and Paul appear in Aaron’s nightmares. Paul heals himself with a lucid dream. Aaron performs a (classic) Driesian wrap-up.

Figments and follies from this episode include:

  • Joseph’s story The Attic Tragedy
  • David Lynch’s actual story about the origins of the Red Room (in the opening paras of this article)
  • “That movie with Steve Buscemi” is, of course, Tom DiCillo’s Living in Oblivion, and the line is “Oh! Make it weird: put a dwarf in it!” excellently delivered by Peter Dinklage in this (extended) scene.
The book about Paul's grandfather
Joseph on crutches with a broken leg