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Episode 31 – Bag

Jul 22, 2023 | Season 2

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The Cat gets confessional in this last episode of Season 2 with the triumphant return of star special guest… Aaron Dries. While Kaaron looks beneath the surface and Joseph makes a snap judgment, Aaron touches his face thirty-two times. (Lah-de-dah!) Observations about strangers lead to an insight. Translation of quirks leads to obfuscation leads to ideas. Anxiety is processed into art. Also, Rebecca… again. The telling detail. The craft of observational comedy. Readers and the catalogue of reality. Aaron brings a bag of mystery. Kaaron and Joseph get literal chills.

Imponderables and consumables in this episode include:

  • Emmanuel Carrère’s I Am Alive and You Are Dead
  • Terence Mallick’s Badlands
  • Kaaron Warren’s Slights
  • Aaron Dries’s House of Sighs and “Damage Inc.”
  • J. Ashley-Smith’s The Attic Tragedy
A clear plastic sandwich bag containing a newspaper clipping and a small green diary